Kelly Brinkmann, artist, writer, and speaker
Storyteller with wheel-thrown pottery and practical parables

Come into my studio, pull up a stool and let’s talk about pottery and parables together. Join me as we reclaim truths found in God’s word and use them to shape us, mold us, and make us more like Jesus.

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Working as a professional artist and speaker, I combine creative work with words to inspire and encourage others to see God’s truths and apply them in their lives. I have a degree in painting, with sculpture not far behind, fueled by lessons and hours at the pottery wheel with other artists. In my career, I have had studios in 3 states teaching art at my own shop and gallery, community college, and now, on-location with groups. While teaching, I connect spiritual truths to pottery making.

Pottery speaks to me most because the process of 
reclaiming clay is so akin to reclaiming my soul.  

As a Jesus girl, disciple and mentor I am ‘mama to mine’ with my husband, the remarkable Mark. My career began as a writer and public speaker teaching educational curriculum I had written to audiences across the US. Those skills led me to speak about my passion, how making art is akin to our spiritual walk with Jesus. Read more on my blog.

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